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Price Matching During Holidays Is Easy Money That Many Pass Up

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - For some, holiday shopping is a contact sport but scoring better deals this holiday season doesn't even require getting off the couch.

A recent study by personal finance firm Nerd Wallet found that most Americans aren't taking advantage of one of the easiest ways to save.

"We found that 72 percent of people are not price-matching their purchases," said NerdWallet's Kevin Yuann. "There are plenty of apps out there that can help you with price matching, some are as simple as scanning a bar code and it will tell you where you can find that item for cheaper."

Yuann pointed to Red Laser as a way to scan the barcode or type the product name. The app will find the lowest price so that you can match it or purchase online.

Shop Savvy is similar, but you can also sign up for lower price alerts, and the program walks you through each store's matching policy.

But if checking an app is still to much about letting your credit price protection do the work for you.
"If you find something that you bought somewhere else, they will help refund the price difference," Yuann said.

Nerd wallet says both discover and mastercard have price protection policies. If you notice a price drop after your purchase... simply submit a claim and they'll refund the difference.

And with the Citi rewind, you simply register the item as soon as you purchase it and Citibank searches for you. If it drops within 60 days, you're automatically reimbursed.

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