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Hotel Tax Revenue Soared In San Francisco Over Super Bowl 50 Weekend

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Even though Super Bowl 50 was played in Santa Clara, it was a boon for hotels in San Francisco, sending revenue from the hotel tax skyrocketing during the first weekend of February.

Hotel revenues and hotel tax collections during Super Bowl weekend were up 190 percent over the same 4-day period in 2015.

San Francisco Travel Association president and CEO Joe D'Alessandro says that when hotels do well, the city's economy as a whole does well.

"When a visitor comes to San Francisco and stays in a hotel, 75 percent of the money they spend during their stay is not in the hotel, but it's outside of the hotel, like restaurants and shops," D'Alessandro said.

More information on the economic impact of the Big Game is coming.

"We're gonna sit back and analyze these numbers, and we're gonna get sales tax numbers in a month or so, and other positive impacts. And, we'll sit down and say, 'how beneficial was this? What did it do to contribute to the economy of the Bay Area?'" D'Alessandro said.

D'Alessandro notes that other parts of the Bay Area also benefited from the Super Bowl.

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