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Hot Dog Food Delivery Service Expanding Service To Western States

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- For the dog lovers who are too busy to cook for Fido, but still want them to have a hot meal, an 8-month-old startup that delivers hot food to pets is expanding its service to all western states.

"Harley," the 2-year-old mini Australian Shepherd's owner Zach Phillips co-founded NomNomNow, which delivers the portioned meals.

"Harley" is about 30 pounds, so she gets 200-grams of food per meal.  Each delivery is personalized according to the dog's weight, age, and activity level.

"Sometimes dogs may graze with kibble. They'll eat a little bit in the morning; a little bit in the afternoon. And as the owner, it's hard to remember, 'did I feed the dog the full amount, or did my spouse feed the dog the full amount?' With this, the dogs eat it all the time, and they eat it immediately," Phillips told KCBS.

The subscription costs about $32 per week for a 30-pound dog.

"As much as it may seem indulgent, it's really taking the approach of long-term health for my dog. And if I'm able to feed my dog well, then that's going to translate to fewer vet bills down the road," Phillips said.

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