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Horror Film 'Us' Set At Santa Cruz Boardwalk Has Visitors Spooked

SANTA CRUZ (KPIX) - A new thriller from Jordan Peele called 'Us' is set against the backdrop of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

The boardwalk was closed and quiet Monday, but to Zach Martin and his friends from
Pacifica, that made the normally fun and crowded place feel very eerie.

"But of course I'm coming here with a different mindset now," said Martin who just saw the horror film.

The film is about a family that comes to Santa Cruz and the boardwalk for a beach
vacation but gets haunted, instead.

"It's kind of crazy seeing all the actions that happen in the movie and coming here and seeing how deserted it is at the moment. It just makes you wonder if there's like a portal to where the movie had theirs," he said.

Apparently, many feel the same way.

The movie was trending on social media sites with people like Aimee Gonzalez, who tweeted, "After watching Us, I don't think I can look at the boardwalk the same."

But Beach Boardwalk officials are not alarmed.

"There might be some funny comments here and there on social media, but we take it all as being a part of a big Hollywood movie," said Kris Reyes, spokesman for the Beach Boardwalk.

Reyes said the buzz around the film is good for business, especially since it's all coming the week before the boardwalk opens for Spring Break.

"Business was up this past weekend, I don't know if that's a coincidence with the movie premiering or not. But what's interesting is our two main haunted attractions were up from the year before. People are coming and wanting to try our haunted stuff," Reyes said.

"It does provide a creepier element now, but honestly that's what drew us here," said Mike Medina of Fremont, who also just saw the movie.

Medina says "Us" could make the Santa Cruz Boardwalk a destination for horror fans from now on.

"I can't go to Elm street so it is nice that this location is nice and close to home," he said.

Beach Boardwalk officials say people still come to visit sites shown in the 1987 horror film "The Lost Boys" which was also filmed in Santa Cruz.

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