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Horrifically Injured Dogs Rescued From Trash Pile In Oakland

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Two abandoned puppies that were discovered in a pile of trash in Oakland with horrific injuries Saturday night are fighting to survive.

One pup is a missing paw, while the other has a jaw so mangled the dog is unable to eat.

KPIX 5 Spoke with the woman who rescued the two animals who said she has never seen anything like the dogs injuries.

Pali Boucher with Rocket Rescue has been saving dogs for years, but the injuries these two animals suffered were especially grisly.

"I woke up this morning crying," said Boucher.

The two German Shepherd pups who are sisters were discovered huddled next to each other in a pile of trash.

Boucher said it was impossible to say how one dog lost her paw.

"It had either been chopped off or there some sort of an accident," Boucher explained.            

The second dog's injuries were so gruesome, KPIX 5 can't even show photos of the dog on television. That dog is still  in the veterinary ICU.

"She can't close her mouth at all and her bottom jaw is hanging and it's infected. She can't eat or drink. She's skin and bones," said Boucher.

She got the call Saturday night from someone living on the streets in Oakland who had stumbled on the puppies buried under a pile of trash at the intersection of 89th and G.

"On the side of the road with mattresses and insulation and buckets of oil; you know, glass," Boucher said.

A vet was able to take them in. While the puppy with the missing paw is expected to be ok, her sister may not make it.

"Hopefully we can create a miracle," said Boucher.

She said the vet told her euthanasia may be the best option, but Boucher refuses to give up on her just yet.

"I don't know if this was a clear cut case of active intentional abuse or if it was just a case of neglect," said Boucher. "Whatever happened, it scares me that these puppies were left out here."

The dogs are estimated to be about four months old. The people who found them called Oakland Police and Animal Control, but Rocket Rescue was the only group to respond.

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