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Horrific Oakland Crash Into Three Children Caught On Camera

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Shocking surveillance video that shows a terrifying recent collision as a car slams into three children walking through an Oakland crosswalk has neighbors calling for changes.

The clip shows how the accident sent two teenage girls flying while the third child -- a little boy -- was dragged under the car.

The accident happened around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5, at the intersection of Fruitvale and Brookdale Avenues in Oakland.

Neighbors say it has happened before. They want the city to put in some kind of blinking light cross walk.

The video is difficult to watch.

The car with a young person behind the wheel hits the kids as they walk through the cross walk, pinning the toddler under the car.

The accident happened in front of Mark Legaspi's Filipino restaurant and was captured by his surveillance cameras.

"Everybody was like, scrambling," remembered Legaspi. "'The baby is underneath the car! Lets help the baby!'"

Miraculously, all three children survived the collision.

KPIX 5 was told the two girls are cousins and the little boy is the younger brother of one of the teens.

They were on their way home that night. They looked both ways and apparently thought the car would stop.

Just before the accident, the girls visibly brace for impact.

Legaspi said this is the third pedestrian accident at the intersection in three years. That doesn't include a number of collisions between cars.

"No one's got killed, surprisingly," said Legaspi. "I've seen three pets killed, run over."

He blames the accidents on speeding cars and distracted drivers. Legaspi reached out to his City Councilman Noel Gallo to make the crosswalk more visible.

"They will have to come out to do a road study, how many accidents we have had," said Gallo. "But I think this one is a no-brainer type."

Gallo told KPIX 5 he heard that all three victims are out of the hospital and back home recovering from their injuries.

Witnesses said the driver stopped and appeared remorseful. They noted he had a passport from another country, but claimed he did not have a California driver's license.

KPIX 5 has not heard back from the police if the man had a valid license or if he was arrested.

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