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'Hook-Up Truck' Mobile Sex Suite Begins Rolling Through Streets Of Oakland, San Francisco's Mission District

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) -- The "Hook-Up Truck," a box truck that doubles as a sex suite on wheels, began rolling through the streets of the Bay Area Friday night.

Before it was open for business, Spy Emerson, the brainchild of the project, gave KPIX 5 a sneak peek. "It looks like a box truck with some boxes. So that's what we're setting up, this façade."

Behind all the boxes is a custom built room where customers can have sex by appointment. A room which she insists is kept clean.

"We have adult wipes in there, and hand sanitizers and condoms, and hooks for your clothing. I mean, it's outfitted," Emerson said.

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When asked if we could film the room, Emerson said, "No, you can not go inside. The room is for participants only."

"Because it's a game and if you want to play the game, you can see the room. It is kept a secret and a surprise so that people who are playing the game have something to look forward to," she said.

Emerson said the room has a small camera that allows customers to video their encounter. And if they are too shy for that, they have another option.

"A ninja mask. We have custom masks made so that people can get freaky in the truck, film themselves and not have their face be shown," she said.

The hookup truck was turned away from the Art Murmur in Oakland on Friday night. Organizers said they didn't apply ahead of time to be part of the festival.

After moving to another location in Oakland, the truck was used by three couples. Late Friday night, the truck was brought to San Francisco's Mission District, where it was welcomed by a brass band.

The truck is expected to make several other appearances throughout the Bay Area this weekend.

KPIX 5 talked to several government officials and legal experts about the truck, none of them could say if the business is legal. They said the truck is operating in a legal gray area.

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