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Homeless Man Files Claim Alleging Sheriff's Deputies Beat Him In Unprovoked Attack At San Francisco General Hospital

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A homeless man filed a claim against the City of San Francisco Tuesday and wants three more sheriff's deputies arrested for beating him up at SF General Hospital. The city is already charging one deputy in the alleged attack.

The incident happened last November when 59-year-old Fernando Guanill, who's homeless, fell asleep while waiting for an appointment at San Francisco General. He was awakened by sheriff's Deputy Michael Lewelling, whom Guanill says attacked him, for no reason.

"I felt some punches on my head, face…somewhere and I was being choked because I couldn't breathe," he said. He added that the deputies told him to get up but that he tried to explain that he couldn't get up and that he was on medication and his legs were the reason for him being a registered patient at the hospital.

Guanill's attorneys released a video that shows three other deputies taking part, punching and choking Guanill before dragging him away and arresting him. In addition, his glasses were broken during the incident.

"I didn't understand what took place. Why? I didn't do nothing," Guanill added.

The sheriff's department investigated, and arrested Deputy Lewelling, who's charged with felony perjury and misdemeanor battery. Now Guanill's attorney, Curtis Lee Briggs, wants the other three deputies charged too.

"It was completely unprovoked. It's sad and it's disgusting. The only way to make it right is to try and make a positive change in the way the agency does business," said Briggs.

An attorney for the sheriff says it's up to the district attorney to consider charges, but the department has not yet seen the legal claim that Guanill is filing.

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