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Homeless Children Get Singing, Dancing Lessons From San Francisco Cast Of 'The Book of Mormon'

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Homeless children in San Francisco don't often have much to sing and dance about.

But a lucky few got to do just that this week with the stars of the hit Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon."

The musical is in the middle of a long run in San Francisco, so as part of the Broadway Serves program, Christopher Faison and some of his fellow cast members came to Twitter's NeighborNest to teach homeless kids to do what they do on stage.

"Our mission for Broadway Serve is to be the change beyond the stage," Faison said. "We know that people get to come and see our show and we want to try to give back in every community we go to."

Compass Family Services brought the kids and the hoofers together, with the children learning basic Broadway steps from the stars.

Rather than something from "The Book of Mormon," the kids learned "Joyful Joyful" from "Sister Act," which was shot in San Francisco.

Dancer J.R. Bruno said he went from humble beginnings all the way to the Great White Way, so he was delighted to see the kids so thrilled by their song and dance lesson.

"It was really nice to see how excited they were to have us here. They just jumped right in," he said.

Jump was right as 5-year-old Bailey invented a signature jumping move that Bruno told him will be known from now on on Broadway as "The Bailey."

"It's so fun," Bailey said. "The jumping!"

The kids had a blast and so did the cast. Bruno said it feels good to give back.

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