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Chilling Home Security Video Shows Vallejo Prowler Steps Away From Sleeping Infant

VALLEJO (CBS SF) - A Vallejo family was robbed, and later, shocked when their home surveillance camera caught the prowler looking in on their sleeping baby.

They said things were missing from the home, and when they checked the video, they saw just how dangerously close the intruder was.

The family's surveillance video shows an intruder just steps away from Schendelle Bohulano's one-year-old nephew who was sleeping in his crib.

"And that's when I freaked out," said Bohulano. "Anything but kids. You can take everything away just don't take my niece and nephew."

prowler sleeping baby

She told KPIX her sister sent her the video and she immediately posted it to her social media account to make the public aware.

"You could see my nephew on camera, and he was just looking in," she said. "My sister is very scared and I'm feeling very protective over my niece and nephew," said Bohulano.

Vallejo woman said her 4-year-old niece was in the next room.

Police say the suspect went over a gate into the backyard and thru a window, and then yanked the wires to some of the cameras to disable them.

Bohulano's sister and her children were inside the house sleeping.

The prowler is seen opening the door and looking in at the sleeping infant.

"I got chills, I started crying," said Bohulano. "I was like, why?"

The break-in happened Sunday morning around 7 a.m.

Bohulano says her sister's husband first alerted the family there was an intruder.

When her brother-in-law checked on the cameras later that day, he noticed his desktop computer was missing.

The intruder was in and out of the house several times taking a lap top, iPads, speakers and cell phone. Bohulano said the family dog usually barks but for some reason, it didn't, this time.

In the last 24 hours the family installed very noisy window and door sensors after a very frightening wake up call. They also plan to get a bigger dog.

There have been no arrests so far, according to Vallejo police. They are asking for the public's help. Anyone with information should contact them immediately.

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