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Caught On Video: Woman Driving On Highway 9 Near Saratoga Survives Plunge Off Cliff

SARATOGA (KPIX 5) -- Dash cam video has surfaced of a woman who survived after her car plunged off the side of a road near Saratoga last week.

Maisey Liquez of Long Beach was driving from Santa Cruz to San Jose along scenic Highway 9 on February 21st. But after turning a corner, she said her brakes locked up and her car slid off the two-lane road and down a steep embankment.

"I'm dead!" she is heard saying in the video as the car left the roadway.

Liquez remained conscious when the car came to a stop.

Highway 9 Cliff Plunge
Dash cam footage of Maisie Liquez's car shortly before plunging off Highway 9 near Saratoga. (CBS)

"When I was rolling down, I remember, hand above my head and cover because the airbag didn't go off," Liquez said. "I called 911, but my phone died so they just tracked it. And they found me at the bottom. Half-way at the bottom."

Liquez's 2006 Mitsubishi sedan had extensive damage after it tumbled down the embankment.

She received treatment for a fracture in her spine and a concussion.

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