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High heat knocks out Weather Service radar on Mount Umunhum

SAN FRANCISCO -- The weather got so hot in the Bay Area on Sunday, the National Weather Service had a hard time telling us exactly how hot it was.

Mount Umunhum Summit
Mount Umunhum, one of the highest peaks in the Coast Range overlooking San Jose. Jitze Couperus via Wikipedia

The NWS said its KMUX radar was suffering from technical difficulties. The radar equipment on Mount Umunhum near San Jose had to be shut down for rest.

"The radar has been struggling due to hot weather, so it's taking a break," the agency tweeted, Sunday morning. "Our technicians are aware and working on a solution to the problem."

The NWS said it was able to turn the radar back on periodically Sunday.

The agency tweeted at 6:33 p.m. that "Our radar will continue to be down through tonight for preventative measures due to an air conditioning issue. No need to worry! We are monitoring the storms offshore via satellite and our neighboring radar KDAX."

The temperature peaked in San Jose at 91 Sunday. Though no so far away in Livermore, temperatures hit 102.

Stockton hit 109, a record for July 16.

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