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@Hiddencash Ends Money Drops 2 Months After Twitter Phenomenon Began In Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- More than two months after their cash drops became a phenomenon that spread across the country and around the world, the Bay Area duo behind the @hiddencash Twitter account said they are ending their experiment.

In a statement released Tuesday, real estate investor Jason Buzi and his friend Yan Budman said that the scavenger hunts for money are not sustainable and they did not want to use sponsors.

"What started as a fun project to bring a smile to people's faces, bring people together, and perhaps inspire them to pay it forward, took off beyond what we ever expected," the statement read. "After much consideration, we decided that turning HC into an advertising business was not in line with our goals and mission."

The Hidden Cash account announced its first money drops in San Francisco and Oakland on May 22. Within weeks, the movement took off as the duo began hiding cash in cities all over the United States, Mexico and Europe. Hidden Cash has also spawned hundreds of independent versions around the world.

According to Hidden Cash, the final drop took place on August 3rd in New York City.

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