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Creative Ways Bay Area Residents Are Beating The Heat

KPIX 5 Morning Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales answers the questions you never get to ask on-air.

Q: Roberta; How do you "Beat The Heat?"
A: Good question. I live in Pleasanton, (one of the hottest places in the Bay Area today), so it is really important I think out my day in advance.

For me, I enjoy being outdoors when not working in a studio. I love to swim, cycle and run. But in 104 degree heat, it's going to be pretty difficult even attempting a  swim until the early evening hours. So, after work, I will workout in a nice air conditioned gym and invite my son to see a movie tonight.

How will YOU beat the heat? I asked that question on our KPIX and KCBS Facebook pages and here are some ideas!

Victor Romero: I freeze a few water bottles overnight wrapped in foil, and then I put them in an insulated lunch bag along with a freeze pack to keep it the coolest possible before I go out.

Vicky Winkler: I plan on paying PG&E more money next month...AC time! I walked the dog early to beat the heat and will put ice in the bird baths often today. Please keep the kids and pets cool and hydrated!

Lauretta Kalla: Mini rec swim with my daughter at the Silliman Center in Newark. AC in the car, and the mall.... Play structures at the mall for my kids.

Mairana Abballo: I go the library and read the magazines for few hours. I also drink lots of water, and make sure my kitty has lots of water as well.

Ray Barbara: Staying indoors as much as possible.

Linda Mather: I carry a spray bottle with cold water in it. When it starts getting too hot, I spritz myself.

Samson Wong:  Go to the mall.

Gina Molinari:  Stay hydrated. Be in the shade, if there is any. Wear sunblock so you won't get burned, get a rag or towel and make sure it's wet to put on your head, face or around your neck.

Russ Robles: Gotta keep my guys hydrated in the field. Water and ice in the water coolers for them every day.

Glenn O'Brien: Since no AC here, I will be running house fans & keeping window open, hoping for a small breeze out there near Ocean Beach.

Thanks for your input everyone! Do your best to stay cool. This heatwave is here to stay until Sunday!

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Please send weather questions, observations and photos to me, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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