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Hayward To Get Rid Of Red Light Cameras

HAYWARD (KCBS) – The Hayward City Council has voted to bring an end to red light cameras in the city.

Police had proposed the cameras be removed and the city council agreed on Tuesday night.

"There is no concrete data that supports the fact that red light cameras are supposed to reduce collisions," said Hayward Police Chief Diane Urban "That's not been our experience here in Hayward. We've had much better results with a redeployment of our motor officers. I think that having that personal contact with our community members makes a lasting impression. It's an opportunity for us to change behavior when it's wrong versus getting a ticket in the mail 2-4 weeks down the road."

While police had recommended phasing the cameras out later this year as the contract with red light camera vendor Redflex expired, the city council voted to get rid of the devices as soon as possible.

Urban said the move will allow for more interaction with the public.

"I think the thing that people don't recognize that is really immeasurable is that relationship building and motor and patrol officers for that matter having the ability to actually make contact with the citizen when they are involved in a vehicle code violation," she said.

Ending the contract early is expected to cost the city more than $100,000.

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