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City of Hayward says computer network restored 2 weeks after cyberattack discovered

Hayward begins rocky recovery from cyber attack
Hayward begins rocky recovery from cyber attack 02:31

HAYWARD – Officials in the city of Hayward announced that the city's internal computer network has been restored following a ransomware attack that took systems down earlier this month.

In a statement Thursday, city officials said the network was brought back on Tuesday, more than two weeks after the cyberattack was first discovered.

"The restored network ties together computer systems on which departments and divisions of City government normally rely for general municipal operations—each of which themselves has had to be painstakingly assessed, restored and brought back into service," the city said in a statement.

On the morning of July 9, the city's IT staff discovered the breach. Officials took down the network in response, prompting the city to conduct business with the public over the phone, mail or in person. 

Following the cyberattack, Hayward leaders also declared a state of emergency.

Officials said Thursday community members can now transact business through most of the city's online portals. Some systems involving water bill payments and library services are "not fully functional or remain down."

Meanwhile the city's Access Hayward system, which gives residents an opportunity to make non-emergency requests for service or report other issues, is also back online.

The city's computer aided dispatch system used in police, firefighter and emergency response has also been restored. During the outage, call-takers and dispatchers reverted to pen, paper and radio communication with officers, firefighters and paramedics.

Officials said Thursday that the city is not commenting on the identity of the intruders, the information gathered by investigators or the ransom that was sought.

The city said if it finds evidence of private or confidential information being breached, individuals would be contacted directly.

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