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Hayward police arrest man with pot, arsenal of weapons, burglary tools, "Chucky" mask after traffic stop

PIX Now - 6 a.m. 8/24/23
PIX Now - 6 a.m. 8/24/23 10:52

HAYWARD -- Police in Hayward on Wednesday announced the recent arrest of a man on probation who was caught during a traffic stop with almost two pounds of pot, an arsenal of weapons including a machete and a "medieval style club with metal spikes" and a Chucky mask.

The information on the arrest was posted on Facebook late Wednesday morning for what Hayward police confirmed to CBS News Bay Area was an August 17 arrest. According to the post, Hayward Police Officer Adami spotted a vehicle with an equipment violation and attempted to pull it over and cite the driver. 

The driver fled from Adami and ran a red light, but the officer observed where the vehicle turned and saw that it was parked a short distance away. He called for back up and was able to execute a traffic stop with additional officers, detaining the driver.

After a record check determined that the driver was on probation and eligible for search, police checked the car and uncovered "an abundance of contraband." Among the items found were multiple weapons -- including "machetes, a medieval style club with metal spikes, large fixed-blade knives, a CO2 arrow gun" and a hatchet -- as well as burglary and robbery tools such as a lock picking set, multiple masks including one of Chucky from the "Child's Play" films and ammunition. There was also nearly two pounds of marijuana in the car.

Hayward probation arrest after traffic stop
The arsenal of weapons and burglary tools seized during a Hayward probation arrest after traffic stop on Aug. 17, 2023. Hayward Police Department

Police said the driver -- who they did not identify -- was arrested on multiple charges including being in possession of dangerous weapons against the terms of his probation  

"This is one example how a traffic stop for an equipment violation can lead to the lawful discovery of other more serious offenses," the post said, saluting Officer Adami for his "proactive enforcement."

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