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Harbaugh Does Pushups With Walrus During Visit To Six Flags In Vallejo

VALLEJO (CBS SF) - 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh is known for his intense competitive spirit, but he may have met his match Sunday when he took on a real heavyweight in a pushup competition.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom released video of Harbaugh on the deck of the walrus enclosure Sunday, facing off in a pushup demonstration with Siku the walrus. Who had the better form? You be the judge:

49er Coach Jim Harbaugh does push-ups with Siku the walrus by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on YouTube

Siku is a female and weighs 1,750 pounds, nearly 200 more than the combined weight of the 49ers' starting offensive line.

While visiting the park Sunday with his family, the 49er coach also got a kiss from a sea lion, bottle-fed milk to a tiger and was introduced to an elephant, according to Communications Manager Nancy Chan.

Sea Lion Kiss Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh gets a kiss from Kai the sea lion (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

He also took a spin on some of the park's roller coasters.

But perhaps the most surprising sightings of the day were Harbaugh's calves. The coach had swapped out his signature $8 pleated khakis for shorts, at least for the day.

Harbaugh Six Flags
49er Head Coach Jim Harbaugh poses for a photo with Kai the sea lion. (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)


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