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Hamilton Star's Video Rallies Warriors Fans


OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- Warriors fever is beginning to sweep over the Bay Area and Tony Award-winning star Daveed Diggs is doing his part of to ratchet up the heat.

Diggs, an Oakland native and life-long Golden State fan, stars in a new Youtube video called "That Moment" and it has quickly become a rally cry for Warriors fans and Oakland residents.

"Believe in our strength," the video calls out. "You know, as I do, that our strength comes from all of us."

The video was a welcome sight at a dance festival at Jack London Square Sunday morning. These are challenging times for Oakland. The housing crisis, brought about by shifts in the economy, has begun pitting residents against each other.

That Moment by Golden State Warriors on YouTube

"They need to get together, (to) combine," said Lille Mae Thompson. "We're not together anymore. We split."

Oakland resident Justin Ford added: "Oakland is losing its teams, it's kinda losing its identity, but you know, as a community we still want to be able to hold together in solidarity with one another."

The Warriors are a team of vastly different personalities who have managed to work together for a higher goal. There's a lesson in that for Oakland. This is a town that dances to many different beats, with many different styles and whether those differences divide or strengthen will be up to the residents themselves.

"If you work together, a lot more stuff is gonna happen than doing things individually," said Laila Butcher.

Ford said the Warriors rallying cry -- Strengthen In Numbers -- applies not only to a sports team. It applies to the city.

"With the 'Strength In Numbers' motto and how the Warriors are going right now, I think it's a prime example of how Oakland could really stick together and help each other out," he said.

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