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Half Moon Bay vigil marks start of community's recovery from mass shooting

Vigil held for victims of Half Moon Bay shooting
Vigil held for victims of Half Moon Bay shooting 01:56

HALF MOON BAY -- Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Half Moon Bay on Friday night for a vigil to honor the victims of the mass shooting on Monday.

Attendees like Susan Kerby and Sarah Hurd said they felt compelled to come out and be a part of the vigil as a way to show support for their community.

"It's a horrific situation and I just felt that I just needed to come out and be a part of the vigil," Kerby said.

"We've all been kind of suffering on our own and we're a close community here and this is just really important," Hurd added.

Candlelight Vigil in Half Moon Bay
Candlelight vigil in Half Moon Bay. KPIX

Leaders from across the community took the stage to offer their condolences but the most impactful moments came when family members of some of the victims shared memories of their loved ones with the crowd through the help of an interpreter.

"He was 50 years old and he was a very likable person -- friendly with all. One of his greatest qualities is that he liked to help people," said Servando Martinez Jimenez, the brother of Marciano Martinez Jimenez.

Emotions were still raw for many but several said uniting like this was the one bright spot in what has been a dark week.

"It makes me feel good that our community is together," said Fay Bigelow, who lives in the area. "My granddaughter who is eight woke up yesterday and asked me if this was real and that tells you everything right there. This is real."

Another event -- an interfaith service at the town event center -- is planned for next Tuesday. Friday's vigil was just the first step in what is expected to be a long grieving period for the community.

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