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Growing List Of NorCal Communities Running Out Of Water In Just 60 Days

OROVILLE (CBS SF) -- California's water shortage has reached a critical stage.

At least a dozen communities in Northern and Central California are at risk of running out of water in just 60 days.

The areas in jeopardy include Colusa and El Dorado County. These are relatively small communities and they rely on one source of water.

water map
Critical areas that are running out of water in 60 days.

Butte County north of Sacramento is getting hit hard.

At Big Bend Mobile Home Park near Oroville, home to more than 30 families, the water supply is so low that between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., it is completely shut off.

"Hard when you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night," said resident Michelle Payne. "I guess we're not flushing."

The only water source for her entire community is a single well. There are other wells on the property, but they have all run dry.

"There's really nothing can you about it," said resident John Dougherty. "I don't water any plants… try to cut back on toilet usage… whatever we can do is what you gotta do…all we can do."

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"Pretty much anything that was alive weeks ago is dry, 'cuz we haven't been able to water," said Payne.

Some families have started driving five miles down the road to get drinking water from a spring box, for themselves and their animals.

Statewide the water shortages are getting worse. In just a month, the Water Resource Board's list of communities at risk of running out of water in 60 days has grown from 8 to 12. Big Bend Mobile Home Park made that list.

There is some help on the way for the people here. The state just approved plans to drill a new well. It's not clear when the work will begin.

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