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Gov. Brown Proposes $65 Vehicle Fee To Fix Crumbling Roadways

SACRAMENTO (KPIX 5) – Gov. Jerry Brown has revived a proposal to help fix California's crumbling roads and bridges with a $65 annual fee.

Lawmakers put the brakes on the proposal last year, but the proposal being revved up again.

"The roads we have to deal with. They're just there, they cost money," Brown said during last week's budget news conference.

The fee would apply to all cars, trucks and motorcycles, raising about $2 billion a year.

Californians already pay about 40 cents a gallon in state taxes and fees for gas, but some drivers don't.

"Those who have vehicles that don't use any gasoline aren't paying the gas tax and they're getting to use our roads," Assemblywoman Catherine Baker told KPIX 5 on Sunday.

Baker is proposing a fee on electric vehicles, instead of the governor's $65 fee. "We're taking a lot from Californians for transportation, we're not spending it very well, we need to reform and not just rely on new revenue streams," Baker said.

The governor's office said the $65 fee would be "ongoing." If approved, the fee would take effect next year.

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