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Gov. Brown Sees No Harm In Fracking; California Report Suggest Otherwise

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A new report suggests that fracking operations in California produce highly contaminate wastewater. According to the non-profit, non-partisan Environmental Working Group (EWG), leaders are taking the results of its report to Sacramento. But where does Governor Jerry Brown stand on fracking?

The governor is a supporter and like other supporters, he says there is no direct evidence of harm from fracking. Fracking supporters have also said the geology of California means less water is required for fracking here than is needed for the practice in other states.

Supporters also maintain that any potential health impacts would be offset by state regulations.

EWG analyzed a year of data on the chemical content of wastewater from fracking.

Tasha Stoiber, a senior scientist found "high levels" of petroleum-related chemicals.

"Benzene and there's also high-levels of heavy metals, arsenic lead and radiation measured from these fracking wastewaters," she said.

A consultant for the group, Bill Walker, said the data is publicly available.

"California is the only state in the country that requires drilling companies to test their wastewater for toxic chemicals," Walker said.

Walker and Stoiber said the chemical content of fracking wastewater is especially concerning in light of reports about wastewater disposal injection wells that have been drilled into some protected California aquifers.

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