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Santa Clara Supervisor Proposes Hosting Child Migrants As Gov. Brown Meets With Mexico's President On Immigration Crisis

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- Governor Jerry Brown has a private meeting Monday with Mexico's president to discuss the growing immigration crisis in the U.S.

Brown's visiting for four days of talks on trade and the environment in a meeting that was a late addition to the agenda.

Brown also addressed the immigration problem last week saying California is prepared to do its part to help the tens of thousands of kids in border holding facilities, many who've made the trip from Central America without their parents to escape poverty and violence in their homeland.

Santa Clara County Supervisor and mayoral candidate David Cortese spoke on KPIX 5 Sunday morning about his hope to bring up 1,500 of the children to the South Bay while they wait for a court date to decide whether they can stay in the U.S.

One idea is to use the exchange student model by using foster homes. Cortese says he's hoping federal funds would help to support the effort.

"We have a strong legacy of figuring out how to do that in Santa Clara county," Cortese said. "We've dealt with about 100,000 immigrants after the fall of Saigon. We're able to assimilate people."

It's unknown how much or even when the money would come in. Santa Clara County administrators are talking with non-profits to see what can be done and will return with an official agenda item on Aug. 5.

Also on the agenda during the governor's visit are trade talks and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Climate Change between Mexico and California.

Governor Brown In Trade Talks During Trip To Mexico

Senate majority leader, Ellen Corbett is travelling with the contingent, was present for the memo signing and said several meetings are already underway.

The business delegation, organized by the California Chamber of Commerce, includes nearly 100 businesses seeking to boost trade.

Michael Masserman who represents the car-ride app, Lyft, said given Mexico's transportation challenges with congested cities, that he sees a "tremendous opportunity" for the app in places like Mexico City. The immensely populated city is already using the similar transportation on-demand app, Uber.

Linsey Gallegar who represents California's wine industry, said Mexico is the number one international destination for California tourism.

"It's a very important market for both wine and tourism," she said explaining the opportunities.

Other industries represented include solar, law, education, agricultural and even the ski industry.

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