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Google Taking More Heat From Consumer Groups Over YouTube Kids App

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS)— Google is taking more heat from consumer groups over its new YouTube Kids' app who claim the content intended for toddlers is full of disturbing videos meant for mature audiences.

"We found all sorts of videos which were inappropriate for children on the app," said Josh Golin from the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

Videos found on the kids' app ranged from dangerous stunts and pornographic cartoons to tutorial videos on how to execute a Michael Jackson-style crotch grab. Others addressed wine and drug use.

Golin said it appears to be a failure of Google's algorithm designed to filter out inappropriate content.

"Clearly a lot of it is getting through and that's disturbing because the reason for having this app was because parents were saying they didn't want their children exposed to the adult content on YouTube," Golin said.

The group has added the complaint to an earlier case which claimed that YouTube Kids uses unfair and deceptive business practices

Google released a statement saying it works to make the app as "family friendly as possible" and that it removes any inappropriate content flagged by users. In addition, they advise parents and guardians to turn off the apps' search function if they want a more restrictive environment for their children.

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