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Google Street View Catches Smoking Husband Who Swore He Quit

(CBS SF) -- A man who promised his wife he quit smoking was caught by Google Street View having a cigarette in their driveway.

Julie Ryding from Merseyside, U.K. knew her husband Donald wasn't being totally honest with her after she found biscuit wrappers in his car, despite his strict doctor orders to get in better shape.

She heard the Google Street View car had driven in her neighborhood recently, and she was curious what she'd find when she loaded her street.

"I couldn't believe it," she told The Telegraph. "There was no denying it now we'd seen him smoking. When Street View first launched, they didn't blur out faces, but there was no need to with him - he was covered by a cloud of smoke anyway."

Donald, a taxi driver, has since warned other husbands like him to be careful about properly disposing their junk food wrappers.

"You can't believe the trouble he caused that day," Julie said. "He still smokes, but he has cut down."


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