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Google Joins Apple In Banishing Alt-Right Social Network From App Store

NEW YORK (AP) -- Tech companies' efforts to banish extremist groups and individuals are continuing as a social network popular with extremists disappeared from Google's Android app store.

Gab had already been unavailable in Apple's store, though it remains accessible on the web.

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The banishments come in the wake of the deadly clash at a white-nationalist rally last weekend in Virginia. Civil rights advocates welcomed the moves, but say more needs to be done -- and more should have been done earlier.

Gab tweeted that Google has removed it for "hate speech."

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Gab's logo is a green cartoon frog, reminiscent of "Pepe the Frog," the internet meme that's become a symbol of the "alt-right," a fridge movement that's known for its racist, anti-Semitic and sexist views.

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