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Golden State Warriors get their NBA Championship bling

Golden State Warriors get their NBA Championship Bling
Golden State Warriors get their NBA Championship bling 02:22

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Warriors season opener against the Lakers was extra special. Fans got to witness the first ever championship ring ceremony at Chase Center. 

Before tip-off, there was one last celebration of last season's big win before the fans. 

Lakers Warriors Basketball
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry reacts after receiving his 2021-2022 NBA championship ring before the team's basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers in San Francisco, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022. Godofredo A. Vásquez / AP

"A once in a lifetime opportunity to be honest,"  said Jose Avalos of Oakland.  "First time I've ever come out to a ring ceremony and I really enjoyed it."

"It was kind of cool, because they got their first ring at the Chase stadium," said 9-year-old Jeremiah Newhouse of Fairfield.  

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It was a first for the father and son duo.

"We're pumped, we're excited, we watched the Warriors, we got season tickets, my little 9 year old is a straight Jordan Poole fan," said Jerry Newhouse of Fairfield. 

While fans watched the Warriors dominate the Lakers 123 to 109, KPIX 5 got an up close look at biggest, heaviest and most expensive championship ring yet by jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills. 

"The most extravagant part of this ring is each player has their own personalization to the ring because the ring actually opens up and reveals the amount of trophies each individual player has won in their careers," said Jason.  

"There is no championship ring in the history of championship rings across the four major sports that is made primarily of yellow diamonds. This is the first, this is the only one that's ever done that." 

It was also a first for the youngest Impact Warrior awardee ever. 

The team honored 8-year-old Ridhaan Desai from the South Bay during halftime. He was first profiled on KPIX 5. He replaces grassy yards with drought tolerant plants as a volunteer.  

"I'm still so surprised that I was honored, and I'm very happy," he said. "I hope people get inspired and do the same thing and save the environment." 

Desai also went home with a personalized jersey. 

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