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Warriors GM Bob Myers: 'We Were Just Out Of Words, Out Of Emotions'

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- To say it was one of the toughest weeks in the life of Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myers would be a gross understatement.

On Friday, Myers was still trying to process all that has happened.

It began with Kevin Durant, coming back after missing nine straight playoff games with an injured calf, taking the court in a must-win Game 5 of the NBA Finals and playing 12 minutes of brilliant basketball. And then it happened. Durant crumpled to the court with a ruptured Achilles tendon.

In the aftermath, Myers broke down with emotions when talking to the media about the injury. He said if there was any blame for bringing Durant back only to see him suffer such a devastating injury it was on his shoulders.

It continued Thursday with Klay Thompson going down with a torn ACL in the third quarter after scoring 30 points in the deciding Game 6. In a final heroic moment, Thompson emerged from the bowels of Oracle Arena to shoot two final free throws before hobbling back to the locker-room.

And then there was the loss of the NBA Championship in the final game ever at Oracle Arena.

"The most common conversation I had with everybody was that we were just out of words, we were just out of emotion," he said. "As a human being you can only process so much. And then winning and losing is an emotional event."

"For me, growing up, going to Warriors games, I will never forget [Thompson] walking out and shooting those free throws. Just as a fan, I don't get to be a fan that much."

Myers said he talked with Thompson on Friday morning.

"He said he didn't sleep much," the Warriors executive said. "The beauty of Klay was I said: 'How are you feeling?' He said 'I can't believe we lost that game'...To watch him grow up over the last eight years. What a joy to have him on our team."

Thompson and Durant are both going into free agency this summer. Myers said the Warriors remained extremely interested in resigning them despite their lengthy recoveries ahead.

"I would say we value those guys at the highest level," Myers said. "I wouldn't be a very good GM if I didn't understand how valuable they are to our own team."

Myers schedule was accelerating at near light speed with the NBA Draft approaching and exit interviews scheduled with all the players on Thursday.

He admitted to he was not up-to-speed with the alleged confrontation between Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri and an Alameda County Sheriff's deputy on the floor at Oracle moments before the NBA Championship trophy ceremony.

"I congratulated him (Ujiri), I heard of it but I haven't seen the video, I haven't seen any media," Myers said. "I woke up today, I took my daughters to camp, had some cereal and started meeting with Steph Curry and Draymond Green. There's enough to do here. I hope it gets resolved in the best way possible. That doesn't blemish any of what their accomplishments are. They did a wonderful thing, winning a championship is unbelievably hard."

Myers said he hoped the Bay Area was proud of the battle the Warriors waged in an attempt to three-peat as NBA Champions.

"We didn't win a championship, but this community and this city, the entire Bay Area, I hope they are proud of what we represent," Myers said. "That we represented this community appropriately even in losing. Because I always tell people it's more important how you lose, then how you win. Whatever adversity comes, you show more of yourself then winning championships and sweeping finals."

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