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Golden Gate Transit Issues Apology, Free Rides To Commuters Over Service Issues

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Commuters that use Golden Gate Transit were issued an apology, and free rides Wednesday due to service and reliability issues plaguing riders recently.

Lukas Galbinas was riding the bus so he can go buy a car. And, the reason he's buying one is the very thing he's taking to get there.

"I was waiting for the bus and looking at my phone to see what time it comes, but it never came," Galbinas said.

He says he can't rely on a transportation system that doesn't run on schedule, which is exactly what has happened too often on Golden Gate Transit. It's become so bad the company issued an apology to riders and offered free rides today to those most affected- commuters.

"It happens all too frequently. The time schedules are merely a suggestion because all too frequently they are not on time," Galbinas said.

Golden Gate Transit says staffing is to blame, because too many people retired to fill the routes. Now it's launched a hiring campaign is working hard to replenish their ranks.

Staffing will take some time, although several new drivers will hit the streets soon, hopefully offering some relief for those who are looking to find rides elsewhere.

"If the buses here were a little bit more reliable I would not be interested in buying a car, but now I'm on my way to do that because they're not very trustful," Galbinas said.

Golden Gate Transit announced that starting March 21st, it will eliminate some trips to improve reliability.


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