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Glass Fire Update: Anxious Calistoga Evacuees Wonder If Homes Will Still Be Standing

CALISTOGA (KPIX) - A battle was underway to save the town of Calistoga, as the Glass Fire moved dangerously close to town. The fire was coming over the hillside, near the edge of Silverado Trail. A mandatory evacuation order was in place with the fear that the flames could reach the city Monday night.

Calistoga Police were going down every street, trying to get residents to evacuate immediately.

Linda and Glen Shaver say they just got the order minutes ago. They already evacuated once and came back, thinking their home wasn't in danger.

We had everything down. Brought the cats in. We didn't take anything out of the car," said Linda Shaver.

Evacuation Order Information:

A large glow of orange and red lit up the night sky just east of Calistoga. The flames were approaching the Motor Lodge and the fire was visible from downtown. For the Shaver's, this brought back memories of the Tubbs Fire, in 2017.

"We're just exhausted," they said. "We hear the term the new norm."

The Shavers are not the only ones who had to evacuate. From Napa to Sonoma, residents flooded evacuation centers looking for hotel and food vouchers.

With all the stress and anxiety, 'Aaron,' a comfort dog tried to put a smile on the faces of evacuees that were left wondering if they will have homes to return to.

"You're standing in your driveway and looking at your house and you wonder if you're going to see it again," said Jim Cunningham, an evacuee. "The scariest part of it is not knowing."

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