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George Lucas Exploring Options After SF Presidio Trust Rejects Crissy Field Proposals

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A spokesman for George Lucas said the 'Star Wars' creator may look elsewhere to build a museum after the Presidio Trust decided Monday to reject all three proposal finalists for a cultural-arts center in the Mid-Crissy Field location—including one from Lucas.


While Presidio Trust Board Chair Nancy Bechtle said she liked all three finalists for the Mid-Crissy Field location, none of the proposed buildings met the "Goldilocks" test. "It is a beautiful site and we do want to have it right," she said.

SF Presidio Trust Rejections Force Lucas To Look Elsewhere Far, Far Away

But just because none was "just right," Executive Director Craig Middleton said, doesn't mean the Trust won't reopen the process after the Presidio Parkway is completed in two years.

"Sports Basement will stay there; we will complete the roadway and then consider what we might want to do with the site," he said.

Bechtle said the Trust is discussing a different site within the Presidio for Lucas to use—much to the surprise of his spokesman, David Perry, who told KCBS that the filmmaker will consider that—as well as other locations that he hadn't been pursuing before.

"We've been getting requests from all over to develop this museum. It's an educational opportunity that other cities are hot to take advantage of and we're now going to start returning those calls," he said.

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