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Genuineness Is Key To Succeeding In San Jose IT Market, Says Expert

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows San Jose management jobs average nearly $75 an hour, much higher than the national average. While several management positions remain open locally, it will take an extra effort from applicants to get that new position or promotion. According to Lance Perry, Vice President at Cisco, part of that effort is to be genuine and authentic when dealing with others, whether they are customers or colleagues.

(Photo Courtesy of Lance Perry)

What is your background and education?

"I studied at the Cittone Institute for Computer Programming and Operations. Before joining Cisco, I held several IT management positions at Apple, Goldman Sachs and Communication Sciences, where I developed a strong respect for the importance of bridging business objectives to technology.

Today, I lead the IT Customer Strategy and Success group - which forges partnerships with Cisco sales teams and customers by sharing IT architecture, system and application practices. I also serve on the IT senior leadership team at Cisco, where I help shape policy and processes for our company."

What do you love about your career as a manager in Silicon Valley?

"I love spending time with my colleagues and Cisco customers. With every conversation, I gain more insight and ideas on how we can help translate our customers' goals into business outcomes."

What expert advice can you share for individuals seeking a management career in the tech industry?

"There are a lot of very talented people in Silicon Valley, but you will immediately separate yourself by demonstrating that you're willing to do the work and contribute to the environment around you.

It's also very important to be genuine and authentic when dealing with others – whether they are customers or colleagues – and have a sense of humor in this complex and very business-oriented world of technology. It's not always all fun and games, but fostering a work environment where people can be happy and feel cared about creates a positive dynamic and motivates employees."

Do you foresee a continued demand for new management positions in the San Jose area?

"Anyone in the industry would probably tell you that this is probably one of the most disruptive, exciting moments in recent history. The developments and trends that we're seeing now will redefine how we all approach and utilize the network in the next several decades."

Randy Yagi is a freelance writer covering all things San Francisco. In 2012, he was awarded a Media Fellowship from Stanford University. His work can be found on

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