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GameDay: Warriors and Paradise Pier

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) -- CBS 5 Sports Director Dennis O'Donnell hosts "Gameday" every Sunday night at 11:30pm on CBS 5 and offers his unique sports analysis here.

Every once in a while I'll walk down to Red's Java House and have a burger and a beer. I seem to gravitate to these hole-in-the-wall establishments. I'm sure Red's scored when the baseball stadium went up down the street. C'mon, who hasn't parked on the pier and ordered a burger on the French roll?

Well now, it seems that Red's might score again. The City is courting the Warriors with a new arena on the dilapidated pier. When I first read this, I had to reread it three or four times because it was so logical. Sports venue ideas don't typically come from city government. If only Ed Lee were mayor when the 49ers were interested in San Francisco.

I'm a bit skeptical about an NBA arena in the AT&T parking lot because the Warriors would always be the "second" tenant.

Lacob: "Larry?" Joe here. "It seems the toilet is plugged in my suite."

Baer: "Joe, don't you realize I'm working on Zito's extension?"

The Warriors came to San Francisco in 1962 from Philadelphia and played at the Cow Palace. So, look at it like the Raiders moving from Oakland to Los Angeles and back to Oakland. (Work with me.) The piers, of course, would be a significant upgrade from the dilapidated Cow Palace which should have been put out to pasture after Elvis left the building.

Lacob: "Larry? Some of your Giants players are here tonight demanding free tickets!"

Baer: "Joe, can I call you back? I have Saby Sabes on the line."

The financial reality will set in sooner than later on the piers. Who's going to pay for this basketball paradise? certainly not San Francisco (insert AT&T Park here.) And as for those loyal, masochistic Warrior fans in Oakland? You'll get the same treatment that 49er fans got and like it.

Lacob: "Larry? Can you tell Orlando to stop throwing his empty Cha Cha bowls in parking lot?"

Baer: "Joe, I can't deal with this right now. I'm celebrating our new $16 per beer price. You should try it!"

Of course, I can't put anything past Peter Guber. Hell, he's got the Dodgers in first place. Why not a second miracle?

I think I'll go down to Red's, order a burger and a beer and think about Paradise Pier.

See you on TV.

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