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Fremont Considers Development Near Future BART Station

FREMONT (KCBS) – The city of Fremont is trying to put itself on the map with a high-tech hub, designed with both rapid transit and affordable housing in mind.

The city has fairly ambitious plans for the Warm Springs area. Soon, it will be home to another Bay Area Rapid Transit station, but currently has little else connecting the area.

Victor Karen with Citybuilding Enterprises in Boston said, "The 800 acres is sort of like a hole in the donut."

KCBS' Matt Bigler Reports:

Fremont officials brought in the firm to come up with some ideas on how to turn the unused land into a 21st century workspace.

Karen said apartment buildings for younger workers will be a key component.

"They want to live in proximity to where they work so that they can walk, so that they can bike, so that they don't spend three hours on the freeway," said Karen.

Some other ideas include artist housing with a connected gallery and a green space connecting San Francisco Bay with the mountains.

Kelly Kline, Fremont's Economic Development Director, said the Silicon Valley BART extension is central to their plans.

"For the first time now, we have a very meaningful connection to San Jose and the extended workforce," she said.

The report by Citybuilding Enterprises now goes to the city for further review.

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