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Fremont PD: 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters found at metal recycler

Demand for precious metals prompts rise in catalytic convertor thefts
Demand for precious metals prompts rise in catalytic convertor thefts 02:17

FREMONT – Police in Fremont said that a metal recycling business is at the center of a lengthy investigation into stolen catalytic converters, after finding hundreds of emissions control devices believed to be stolen.

In a statement released Monday, police released details of the investigation involving Arrow Recovery located on the 46000 block of Warm Springs Boulevard.

According to detectives, Arrow Recovery allegedly accepted stolen catalytic converters that were later recovered.

Detectives then began an operation where an undercover officer sold devices marked or etched with "stolen" or other markings suggesting they had been illegally obtained. Police said the business "repeatedly" purchased devices from undercover detectives.

Catalytic converters suspected to be stolen found at Arrow Recovery in Fremont. Fremont Police Department

In June, authorities served a search warrant at the business. Detectives said they located multiple 55-gallon drums of refined and semi-refined catalytic converter material.

Along with the 55-gallon drums, police said eight pallets with at least 300 suspected stolen catalytic converters were found.

Police went on to say that there has been a drop in catalytic converter thefts over the last few months, which they said corresponded with the investigation.

"Fremont Detectives will continue to work collaboratively with the agencies and the Alameda County District Attorney's office, to prosecute Arrow Recovery for receiving stolen property," police said in a statement. "In addition, permitting and environmental impact penalties will be evaluated and levied where appropriate." 

Detectives also said they would be looking for potential markings on the recovered catalytic converters and reach out to potential victims, but acknowledged the condition of many of the recovered items may make it difficult.

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