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James Franco's Underage Hook-up Plays Close To Movie Plot

NEW YORK (CBS SF) - James Franco is stirring up the social media pot with some peculiar text messages to a younger fan. According to Daily Dot, teenager Lucy Clode from Scotland met Franco during an autograph signing for the Broadway play Franco stars in, "Of Mice and Men." As she was capturing video of Franco, the actor tells her to tag him on Instagram.

With just the tag, the two began a flirtatious connection that led to phone texts from Franco propositioning the teen "You're single?.. Should I rent a room?" Clode responds back with "April fools was an hour ago though…"

To prove his identity, Clode texts Franco to take a selfie with a piece of paper bearing her name on it. He complies and sends the text. Ultimately, Clode responds back with "I'll come back when I'm 18."

Franco eventually tweets a response:

Truth? Rumorville running amok? Any way you put it, the events mirror the story line of James Franco upcoming movie "Palo Alto." The film tells the story of a young girl April, played by Emma Roberts who is torn between a sweet stoner kid, Teddy played by actor Jack Kilmer and her soccer coach played by Franco.

The film is based on several stories by James Franco with screenwriter/director Gia Coppola bringing the stories to life on the big screen.

Some are speculating that all the real life events are playing too close to the Hollywood version and are dismissing it as just a promotional movie stunt. Franco's reps have no comment.

"Palo Alto" releases in theaters in limited release on May 9.

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