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Take A Food Tour Of The Sacramento Delta

Fill up a single tank of gas and head on a food tour of the Sacramento Delta. Some of the more eclectic food stops we explore include the famed peanut butter and steak sandwiches in Locke, and a taxidermy rib joint in Rio Vista. Yum?

Al the Wop's

Al the Wop's

13936 Main Street
Locke, CA 95690
(916) 776-1800

Main Street of this town built by Chinese immigrants is little more than an ally. A young Italian named Al opened his joint in 1935. He was known for stirring drinks with his fingers and cutting off ties of overdressed patrons. Al's is famous for putting peanut butter on everything - including the steak!


14001 W Walnut Grove Road
Walnut Grove, CA 95690
(209) 794-2544

Wimpy's is named after the former harbor master, with roots dating back to 1950. The Adams family now runs the diner, where locals stop in for breakfast, lunch and the delicious sirloin bacon Wimpy burger.

Pineapple Chinese Restaurant

22 Main Street
Isleton, CA 95641
(916) 777-6294

The small town is a bit hard to find, but the food is worth the journey. This berg was also settled by Chinese laborers, and is known for its crawdad festival. Pineapple Chinese restaurant started up in the 40's and is still run by the original family. With brandy and hot mustard in the dipping sauces, the flavors are unforgettable.

Isleton Joe's

212 Second Street
Isleton, CA 95641
(916) 777-6510

For a bucket of Isleton's famous crawdads, head to Joe's, where you're sure to find something to satisfy your hunger on a sunny summer day. This restaurant and saloon has a fun vibe on the patio, where you're sure to mingle with Isleton's locals.

Foster's Bighorn

143 Main Street
Rio Vista, CA 94571
(707) 374-2511

This local landmark is known for the collection of game heads hung from the walls. Most of the 255 trophies were shot by local boy Bill Foster who traveled the world to hunt. The last trophy to be hung was a massive elephant head in stuffed in 1952. Locals still jump on the bar and kiss the moose for good luck. The Friday lunch specials are a big draw, as are the ribs.

Bull Valley Restaurant

14 Canyon Lake Drive
Port Costa, CA 94569
(510) 787-1135

This town founded in 1883 is home to just a handful of people. But you won't want to miss this fun spot, known for its great meats and seafood meals.

Warehouse Café

5 Canyon Lake Drive
Port Costa, CA 94569
(510) 787-1827

The Warehouse serves up beers from around the corner, and around the world. Try one (or more) of their massive crab cakes or indulge in a full lobster dinner.

Ready for your next foodie adventure? Head over to Eye on the Bay's Food & Drink section and discover the best of the Bay.

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