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Flood Stages Of Russian River And What Floods At Each Stage

GUERNEVILLE (CBS SF) -- According to the National Weather Service, here are the stages of flooding along the Russian River and what will be impacted. Forecasters predict the river will crest at 45.9 feet by 10 p.m. Wednesday night. That would be the highest crest since 1997 and the 6th highest crest on record.

  • At 32.5 feet...In Guerneville the intersecton of HWY 116 and Neeley
    Rd is closed. Mays Canyon Rd by the old rodeo grounds is closed.
  • At 33.0 feet...In Guerneville the intersection of HWY 116 and Drake
    Rd is closed. In Monte Rio Willow and Alder Streets flood. In
    Forestville Mirabel trailer park begins to flood.
  • At 34.0 feet...In Guerneville flooding begins at Johnsons Resort,
    Parkers Resort, Creekside Resort and Riverside Park. In Northwood
    lower Redwood Drive begins to flood.
  • At 35.0 feet...Moderate flooding is forecast along the lower
    Russian River. Numerous businesses and residences in the lowest
    sections of towns within the reach are expected to flood. In
    Guerneville Sonoma West Inn begins to flood. More extensive
    flooding occurs at Parkers Resort. In Northwood lower Redwood Drive
  • At 36.0 feet...In Forestville Mirabel Park Resort and Mirabel
    trailer park flood. In Guerneville Fern Road at HWY 116 floods.
  • At 37.0 feet...In Forestville Mirabel Road at River Road floods. In
    Guerneville River Road east of Guerneville floods. Mill Street and
    5th Street flood. In Monte Rio River Blvd east of Monte Rio floods.
  • At 38.0 feet...In Duncan Mills Freezeout Road at Moscow Road
    floods. In Guerneville Park Cazadero Road at HWY 116 floods.
  • At 39.0 feet...West of Duncan Mills HWY 116 is closed. In Hacienda
    River Road floods. In Rio Nido Canyon 7 Road at the miniature golf
    course floods. In Guerneville the Triple R Resort begins to flood.
  • At 40.0 feet...Major flooding is expected along the Russian River.
    In Guerneville travel on River Road becomes very difficult. In
    Northwood upper Redwood Drive floods. In Cazadero Austin Creek Road
  • At 41.5 feet...In Guerneville, River Road closed. In Monte Rio the
    main intersections flood. Monte Rio Elementary School begins to
  • At 44.0 feet...In Guerneville HWY 116 west of town closed. Safeway
    floods. In Monte Rio and Guerneville Park the main business sections
    flood. Travel in most areas nearly impossible.
  • At 45.0 feet...Disastrous flooding is forecast to occur along the
    lower Russian River. Much of downtown Guerneville will become
    inundated. Many roads will flood making travel nearly impossible
    throughout the reach.
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