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Fireworks spark overnight brush fire in Antioch

Fireworks suspected of sparking overnight brush fire in Antioch
Fireworks suspected of sparking overnight brush fire in Antioch 00:24

EAST CONTRA COSTA COUNTY -- Authorities in the East Bay said illegal fireworks sparked an overnight grass fire in Antioch.

The fire ripped through dry grass in East Contra Costa County shortly before midnight. Fire crews from the recently consolidated Contra Costa County and East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to the brush fire along James Dolan Road in Antioch.

Antioch grass fire
Antioch grass fire CBS

Firefighters said the fire sparked by illegal fireworks burned about two-and-a-half acres in windy conditions before crews were able to contain it.

Firefighters remained on the scene into the early morning hours Sunday to ensure there were no hot spots.

This past week, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District launched a hotline for people to report illegal fireworks.

Fire officials urges anyone observing fireworks being used to report this to their local law enforcement non-emergency line by calling (833) 885-2021. The district's Fire Investigation Unit also asks residents to help them fight the dangerous use of illegal fireworks by reporting fireworks sales across the county to the Arson Tip Line at (866) 50-ARSON.  

California is currently experiencing a historic drought. Dry conditions are ripe for wildfires, even on cooler-than-normal days. And fireworks of any type are illegal in Contra Costa County, regardless of where they're sold.

Celebrations involving fireworks last year forced the district to respond to 53 reports of fires, most of those fireworks-related and between 9 p.m. and midnight. Forty-eight fires burned only vegetation, with five involving structures.

They caution residents not to hesitate on information that seems too little or unimportant to matter, adding some of the most valuable tips come from residents who were not aware what they saw was very important to the investigation of an incident. 

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