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Fireworks Delight A's Fans But No BART Is a Bummer

OAKLAND (KPIX) -- Fans at the Oakland Coliseum were treated to a fireworks show Friday night but it came at a cost. Without late service from BART, most of the fans drove to the stadium, creating quite a jam.

The A's opened up to full capacity on Tuesday but only had 4,739. On Friday night, they had more than 32,000. For the first time this season, the Coliseum was packed as fans slowly made their way to their seats.

"This is my first game this season and I feel like I'm back to normal again," said Evan Jones, an A's fan.

While the game against the Red Sox was the main attraction, fans stuck around for the grand finale fireworks show.

"I'm an A's fan until I die so I'm going to be here all night but it just sucks I can't get in BART to leave," said A's fan Mr. Bobino.

According to Bay Area Rapid Transit, the agency communicated to the Athletics at the end of May that it would not be able to provide late-night service after the fireworks show due to staffing issues.

BART says that, at that time, the A's acknowledged they would reach out to fans about the transportation concerns. This week, the A's sent out a tweet saying they were halting ticket sales with BART not running late-night service after the fireworks.

"It makes it worse. The traffic was worse," said Nam Avanzino, another A's fan.

BART says limited night service will resume on Aug. 2.

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