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Fertility Doctor Holds 'Egg Freezing Parties' For Bay Area Women

WALNUT CREEK (KPIX 5) – As Bay Area tech giants offer women incentives to freeze their eggs, a fertility doctor known as "The Egg Whisperer" is holding a series of talks across the Bay Area for women who are interested.

"I have patients who have coined that phrase for me," Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh told KPIX 5.

Eyvazzadeh is so passionate about fertility education that she is taking it out of the doctor's office and into cocktail lounges in the area.

"I say it's all about empowerment and knowledge," the doctor said.

On Tuesday night, Eyvazzadeh hosted what she called an "egg freezing party" at a restaurant in Downtown Walnut Creek, talking about what it takes to put fertility on ice.

"You can eat and drink and be merry and talk about your future dreams and what you want and how we can make that happen," said Kara Teach, who attended the event.

Eyvazzadeh called it a modern day Tupperware party, with wine, cocktails, appetizers and a lecture about egg freezing.

"Egg-freezing party is not about scaring women into thinking they're infertile," the doctor told the women.

The seminar hit a nerve for these women, at a time when tech giants Apple and Facebook have offered to pay for employees to freeze their eggs, and faced public backlash for it.

"I think it's great now that they have this egg-freezing coverage," Eyvazzadeh said.

The doctor is facing critics who said she is giving women false hope in a process that doesn't always work.

"I don't hear anyone upset that we freeze sperm. We've been doing it since the 1950s. Why are we being so sexist? I just don't understand, it just doesn't make sense to me," Eyvazzadeh said.

For women like 40-year-old June Chang, an unmarried dentist who is still debating whether to have a family, the benefits of a party like this one is a no-brainer. "A lot of us have just been kind of putting it on hold, just making sure that it's the right time," Chang said.

She is now thinking of hosting one of these parties herself. "I think it's just something to get a group of girls together and just have a great time," Chang said.

Women who attend the doctor's parties get 10 percent off the cost of freezing and storing their eggs, which normally runs about $15,000.

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