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Family Frantically Trying Locate Haitian Boys Bound For SFO Who Were Detained By Customs

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) - Two boys from Haiti are being detained by Customs and Border Patrol. They were returning to the Bay Area. One of them goes to school and the youngest is 9-years-old.

"So far it's been a nightmare," said Lindsey Etienne who was supposed to pick up her two godchildren at the airport Saturday. That never happened.

"I don't know anything about Christian or Vladimere. It's very hard," said the boys' mother who talked to KPIX from the Dominican Republic Monday.

She says she feels helpless. "I have two sons. Nobody wants to talk to me."

Christian, 19, and Vladimere were traveling together from the Dominican Republic to San Francisco only to be detained at customs. They're connecting flight was Mexico City.

Etienne went to the airport and never thought the boys would be stopped or red flagged.

"They even they had their COVID test," said Etienne.

Milly Atkinson is with the San Francisco Immigrant Defense Collaborative.

"The worst-case scenario is what is happening right now," said Atkinson. "They are going to take the 9-year-old and hold him overnight and send him to a shelter in Texas."

KPIX asked if the boys may have been held up because of the holiday weekend. Or, it could be an issue under the current administration.

"Whether you have a visa or not the officer reviewing your visa has the discretion," said Atkinson.

She says the 19-year-old just wants to go to school, which starts tomorrow.

"We are just so worried," said Atkinson. "We don't know if they've been able to sleep or eat."

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