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Falcon Watching Goes High-Tech Atop San Jose City Hall

SAN JOSE (KCBS)— Bird watching is going high-tech this year in San Jose. Bird expert Glen Stewart wore a mini GoPro cam on his helmet as he rappelled down the side of city hall for the annual banding of four peregrine falcon chicks.

In addition to Stewart's camera, purchased by falcon fans, the birds are being monitored by two webcams.

"It seems to me like a neat way to totally involve them. They want to be as close as the falcons as they can," he said.

Eric Rosenberg was getting close, taking pictures with a super high power camera lens. He said getting good shots takes a lot of patience.

"During flights watch I'll be down here most afternoons. I gotta work during the day, so I can't be out here all day long. Weekends, I'll be here most of the day," he said.

Falcon Watching Goes High-Tech Atop San Jose City Hall

The falcon chicks have been identified as two boys and two girls, and city spokesperson Michelle McGurk said they'll be named by San Jose school children.

"The next step is that we will announce the finalists for the naming contest and give the public a chance to vote on them,"

Video from the helmet cam will be uploaded to the UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group's website.


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