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Fairfield Police Warn About Pellet Gun And Pepper Spray Assailant Out On Bail

FAIRFIELD (CBS SF) -- Police in Fairfield on Monday warned residents about a suspect accused of shooting out car windows with a pellet gun and assaulting two people with pepper spray in recent months who is currently out of custody on bail.

Police said that in November and December, residents in Fairfield and neighboring communities reported a number of incidents where car windows were shot out with what was determined to be a pellet gun. Most of the incidents in Fairfield occurred in and around the Wood Creek neighborhood west of Interstate 80, according to Fairfield police.

Fairfield pellet gun and pepper spray attack suspect Gregory Charles King
Fairfield pellet gun and pepper spray attack suspect Gregory Charles King (Fairfield Police Department)

Police were able to arrest 34-year-old Fairfield resident Gregory Charles King in connection with six separate incidents -- four pellet gun attacks as well as two incidents where victims were assaulted with pepper spray. While King was arrested and booked into jail on two separate occasions for those known offenses, he has been bailed out of custody both times.

Fairfield police said they were notifying the public to warn that "King could be a continued risk and threat to the community if he continues the same alleged behavior," but also in case there were additional incidents involving the suspect that authorities were not aware of that need to be reported.

Police provided a photo of King as well as pictures of two known associated vehicles he has been seen in. The public is advised to stay aware and report any suspicious behavior to the Fairfield Police Department (or the correct authority if in another jurisdiction).

Fairfield suspect vehicles
Fairfield suspect vehicles (Fairfield Police Department)

Anyone who has had a similar incident occur in Fairfield and hasn't reported it is asked to contact the Fairfield Police Department at (707) 428-7300.

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