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Brazen Shoplifters Caught On Video Ripping Off Fairfield Sporting Goods Store

FAIRFIELD (KPIX 5) – Police in Fairfield are trying to track down some bold shoplifters who recently hit a sporting goods shop in the Solano Town Center Mall and walked out holding everything they could possibly carry.

Cell phone video shows the suspects grabbing shoes and clothing from inside the Dick's Sporting Goods store at the mall. In the video that was posted to social media, they tell the security guard "don't touch me" and walk right out.

The security guard tries to stop them at the door and one of the shoplifters fights back, pushing him. They then walk to a silver Audi parked out front, leaving a trail of clothing in their wake.

Clearly unfazed by the security guard, one of the shoplifters walks in front of him, picks up some of the items they dropped before getting into the car. The driver nearly hits a pedestrian as the car speeds off.

Fairfield police told KPIX 5 they're looking for two or three suspects. Detectives say usually when robberies this brazen happen, the suspects are from out of town.

"This is ridiculous that this keeps happening in the community," said Suisun resident Debbie Lindauer.

She works in retail and says this happens all the time. At her store she tells employees it's not worth the risk to be a hero.

"You greet the customer, but if you don't feel comfortable back off. We want your safety first," she said.

Lindauer said it's obvious to her that shoplifters know there's little store employees can do to stop them.

"It's sad that that's what it's come to," she said.

Fairfield Police Detective Chris Clatterbuck is handling the investigation. He is encouraging anyone with information about the robbery to call 707-428-7356.

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