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Expected El Nino Keeping Bay Area Roofers Busy

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – There's no arguing it is dry as a bone right now in the Bay Area. With an El Nino winter likely to happen though, roofers are in high demand.

Roofing crews are having their days in the sun. But they'll stay this busy right into the rains of November, which this year could go on and on because of El Nino.

"We're at three times our typical capacity," said Yale Proctor of R.E. Roofing.

Proctor said it's been the busiest summer for the roofing business in 25 years. "Obviously with the El Nino on the way, that's probably the biggest single push," he said.

The National Weather Service said there's now a 90 percent chance of an El Nino this winter and an 80 percent chance it will last until spring, it's a warming of ocean temperatures that could bring heavier than normal rain.

"The threat of El Nino is scaring people to get that roof taken care of ahead of time," said Dan Rosetta of Rosetta's Roofing.

Rosetta said homeowners who put off repairing or replacing a leaky roof through the drought are now finally trying to get it done.

Homeowners who have not yet booked a job may be out of luck. "At this point in time, the chances of us getting there are pretty slim. We are very, very busy," Rosetta said.

Rosetta said there are other factors at work as well, including the improving economy and the hot housing market.

Add in El Nino, and it's shaping up to be the roofing industry's perfect storm.

"We're building a lot of roofs but there's not enough workforce to get to all the jobs when the calls come in, it's such a large amount," Proctor said.

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