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Exotic "Super Cat" Discovered In San Francisco TV Anchor's Backyard

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (CBS SF) -- An exotic hybrid cat possibly valued at several thousand dollars was discovered roaming an East Bay backyard by KPIX 5 television anchor Ken Bastida.

Bastida told, "I live near Mt. Diablo and see mountain lions and bobcats all the time… this is different."

Bastida confirmed with experts that the cat is likely a very large "super cat" derived from breeding a domestic house cat with an up to 40-pound African serval to create a designer breed known as a "Savannah."

The anchor took to social media and Craigslist to try to find the rightful owner of the full-grown female, adding that it appears she may have recently given birth.

He's seen the animal for the past few weeks, being elusive, but not elusive enough to evade his camera. She is not wearing a collar, and is very large compared to a house cat.

Savannah's have been described as a "super cat" for their size and behavior, which often includes characteristics more typical of a dog, including being trained to walk on a leash, fetching, and following an owner in a display of loyalty.

Prices from breeders can start at several thousand dollars.

(Ken Bastida)


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