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San Francisco Emergency Officials Have Plan In Case Of Nuclear Event

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – The latest show of force from North Korea touting technology that could reach the U.S. mainland and a nuclear propaganda video showing San Francisco as a target has not gone unnoticed.

"I don't know how worried I am at this point, but it's definitely something to keep on the radar," said Scott Ayers of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Emergency Operations Center (EOC) said it has plans for such an event.

"When it comes to a radiological event, the more likely scenario, while still a dirty bomb or radiological device," said EOC spokesperson Francis Zamora. "And that is something we work very hard at."

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Zamora would not talk specifics, but said an attack would trigger the city's emergency response plan, it incorporates all first responders and has variations tailored to the type of threat. The plan is updated every five years and drilled regularly.

Cold War-era fallout shelters are not part of the plan, as San Francisco does not have any active fallout shelters.

Were North Korea were to launch anything our way, first responders are trained to deal with hazardous materials such as radioactive matter. The city has also purchased detectors to measure radiation.

If something does happen, officials said to plan on staying put.

"It's not necessarily about evacuating the entire city, that is a monumental effort, But for most emergency situations, the best thing for you to do is to shelter in place," Zamora said.

The Emergency Operations Center said it will notify the public about areas to avoid and will only evacuate if necessary, and then in only small numbers.

Officials said a massive exodus out of San Francisco is not doable in a timeframe that would beat a bomb, even one launched from North Korea.

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