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Electric Scooter Riders on Bay Bridge Caught on Camera

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Another black eye for one of the electric scooter companies currently under fire in San Francisco Friday when video surfaced of two people trying to ride the vehicles on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge.

The behavior marked a new low for those scooters that many San Francisco residents love to hate.

The video was taken Thursday on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. In the clip, two men can be seen on Lime Bike scooters on the left ledge of the bridge.

Keep in mind, there is no bike path on this span of the bridge and the scooters only travel 15 miles per hours.

San Francisco resident Mike Lee shot the video and posted it on Facebook.

Lee said he was more concerned about safety than traffic.

"We're going to have traffic, regardless. This is the San Francisco Bay Area. But if someone were to hit them? Just imagine how that would be on that person," said Lee. "I'm just trying to go home to my family. If I would have hit that individual I don't want that on my soul.

San Francisco officials have already been struggling to rein in the scooters on city streets.

The incident could be bad timing for Lime, the company whose scooters were being used in the incident.

Just Thursday, the city announced the new mandatory permit process for the motorized scooter rental companies including Lime, Bird and Spin.

The total number of scooters available for use in San Francisco will be capped at just 2,500.

Starting June 4th, all scooters must be removed from city streets. Scooter companies have until June 7th to submit their application for a new mandatory permit.

The SFMTA will decide which -- if any -- scooter companies get a permit.

SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera stressed that scooter companies will be held accountable for rider behavior.

"And I think the MTA director has made it quite clear that past behavior will be taken into account," said Herrera.

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